The Community Association Division Is Dedicated to Assisting Associations, Boards, and Cams in Navigating the Disaster Response Process.

Truvorne Community Association Division

Community Association Division, or CAD, is a new division of Truvorne that provides expert guidance from Senior VP, Richard Rouse, serving as a liaison to associations, boards, and CAMs. Working with the three separate entities, licensed CAM and local high–rise expert, Richard will serve as the oversite to these entities to provide clarity, guidance, and knowledge throughout the process.

When you become a client of Truvorne‘s Community Association Division (CAD) there is an added concierge-based benefit to ensure a successful and efficient experience. With the main goal of relationship building, CAD aims to bridge the gap between associations, boards, CAMs and owners to better understand and facilitate the relationship, creating an overall more efficient and enjoyable experience.

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As a licensed CAM, Richard understands the need to create a division like CAD to assist associations, boards, and CAMs through the (oftentimes) complicated or unclear process. From start to finish, Richard will provide guidance and support regarding:

  • Florida laws and statutes
  • Required documentation
  • Knowledge of industry’s operating procedures
  • The billing processes
  •  Legal interpretation through Truvorne attorneys


Additionally, Richard has extensive experience in association management, community development, mechanical trades, plumbing and HVAC. Richard came to Truvorne in June of 2021, with nearly 15 years of high-rise experience as a CAM and an Operations Director of Wyndham Vacation Resorts. His proficiency in high-rise operations provides an added value when it comes to serving the local community; while his overall industry knowledge, experience and company-backed resources provide the unique and sought-after support only found at Truvorne.

Having been in the clients’ shoes for many years as a CAM, Richard knows a thing or two about the processes involved when it comes to documentation, Florida statutes and the billing procedures. His inside knowledge and experience offer inside solutions, which is why we created this valuable division with Richard as the Sr. Vice President.

A Letter From Richard Rouse

I give my personal guarantee to assist and guide the Association, Board of Directors, and CAM through the sometimes-arduous process of remediation from the initial call all the way through the rebuild process. With our concierge-based service, I will be your single point of contact between our team and the Association. Building long term relationships and making the process easier for now and in the future.

High-Rise Focus

High-rise buildings are one of our primary focal points within CAD. Due to their more delicate structure, they hold the potential for more issues to arise; but our competence and industry experience can benefit our clients greatly.

More specifically, with Richard’s experience and knowledge in high-rise building management, he can accommodate CAMs of high-rises in a way that is unique to the area, creating an unmatched value in the industry.

For more information on the CAD, please contact Richard at 850-850-7365.

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